What you need to know about natural replacements for Levitra

For some reason, Ed medications like Levitra, Cialis and Viagra, as well as other products aimed at male health are the most aggressively marketed products ever, especially when it comes to internet. They say that more than 60% of all spam mail is dedicated to ED drugs and other penis products which is quite strange when you think about it. Namely, wouldn’t it be much more prudent to flood people with products that would work for both genders?

There is another very negative effect of this. Namely, people start to believe that natural supplements for penis performance and for erectile dysfunction are the same as Levitra and other, proper medications. They think that just because they are equally as present in spam mail, that they are equal in every other regard. Well, this is not true, to put it as simply as possible. In fact, there is almost nothing in common about Levitra and innumerable natural replacements that are advertised left and right.

First of all, they are not in the same class of products. Levitra is a pharmaceutical drug. It was developed by a company that spent millions on designing and developing the medication. After its development was completed, Levitra had to go through three phases of arduous clinical trials by the FDA before it could be introduced to the market. During these trials, it had to show, without any doubt, that it is effective and that it is safe to be used by people.

On the other hand, you have different natural supplements that are “developed” by “expert” teams consisting of people who dabble in natural medicine, although some of these teams might actually include some doctors, we cannot say for sure that this is not the case. These products all contain different natural ingredients, mostly extracts from different plants that have been used in different parts of the world for different sexual performance issues. In order for these products to be allowed onto the market, the only thing that needs to be proven is that they are not toxic to humans. Yes, you read it correctly. They do not have to be proven effective or even safe as the safety is indirectly implied in the fact that they are natural. There is quite a bit of lobbying behind this perverse logic and to be perfectly honest, you do not want to hear about it.

In essence, what it comes down to is that on one hand you have a product whose effectiveness and safety were not only proven but are backed by concrete science, while on the other hand you have products that, let’s be honest and call things what they are, are as much worth to men with ED as apples when it comes to achieving erections. What is even more troubling is that since they are not exactly regulated extensively, there is always the safety issue that can arise even from the most natural of ingredients.